Energetics Of Vegetables

Vegetables come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, and flavours. They also grow in different regions and for better health you should include veggies that grow in your region.

Veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The enzymes help your body get rid of toxins. The strength of these cleansing agents depends on the type of vegetable and how you prepare it.

Raw veggies and veggies that are grown in warmer climates have a stronger cleansing effect than those grown in more temperate or cooler climates. If you’re a big meat eater, you will benefit as these veggies will help in the cleansing process. Warmer climate veggies include green peas,lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, summer squash, and yams.

If you live in a cooler climate, you will benefit from veggies such as carrots, the cabbage family, parsnips, turnips, winter squash, and other leafy greens. They contain minerals and other properties which help the plants survive the colder climate. Eating cooler veggies on a regular basis will help you absorb some of their hardiness leading to an increased resistance to cold weather and disease.

The benefits of cooler climate veggies:

Carrots: alkaline-forming, help clear acidic blood conditions, help treat indigestion such as excess stomach acid and heartburn, stimulate elimination, contain beta-carotene which benefits the skin and works as an anti-inflammatory for the mucous membranes.

Cabbage: slightly warming thermal nature, improves digestion, moistens the intestines, and is used to beautify the skin. It’s high sulfur content helps destroy parasites and purifies the blood. Cabbage is often used to fight the common cold.

Broccoli: more of a cooling thermal nature, used to reduce internal heat during summer months, acts as a diuretic, brightens the eyes and is good for the skin. Broccoli contains high amounts of sulfur, iron, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Parsnips: warming thermal nature, benefits digestion, promotes perspiration, moistens intestines. Parsnips are commonly used to treat coughs, colds, and shortness of breath.

Turnip: neutral thermal nature, alkaline-forming, aids digestion, improves appetite & circulation, promotes perspiration, and helps resolve mucous conditions. The sulfur and other components of turnips make them a good choice when trying to detoxify the body.

Winter squash: warming thermal nature, aids digestion, reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. Winter squash contains higher amounts of carbohydrates and vitamin A than summer squash.

Source: Healing with Whole Foods, Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition, Paul Pitchford, 1993

Is your food a good match for you?

Don't be afraid to explore your choices. Keep notes on which veggies seem to agree with your body, making it more vibrant, and include them in your meals more often.

When was the last time you ate some hearty veggies?

During the winter months, build up your body’s resistance by including cooler climate veggies with your meals.

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