Eat Organic - Your Body Will Love You For It!

I’m sure you’ve heard it from many sources. To eat organic produce is better for you, for your environment and for the small family farms.

Properly certified organic foods provide you with more nutrients because:

  1. The soil is not depleted – there is a microcosm of life going on in organic topsoil

  2. Organic farming leaves a small foot print - so as not to disturb the microorganisms in the soil that provide proper nutrients for the plants

  3. Plants absorb nutrients from the earth – natural minerals produced by the microorganisms in the soil translates into a healthy, vibrant, alive plant that forms proper structures that are easily recognized by your body

  4. High quality nutrition in equals a strong foundation for health

How do chemically fertilized plants differ?

Chemical fertilizers kill the beneficial microorganisms living in the soil. Then in comes Mother Nature’s garbage pickers – the bugs and the bacteria – to clean things up. The plants are forced to suck up the chemicals and whatever else the garbage pickers produce because they have no choice. They become a shell of a plant, providing you with less nutrition than their organically farmed counterparts.

Garbage in equals garbage out – and you know the old saying “You are what you eat”.

This may sound a little radical, but once you delve into the science, you will start to understand the implications.

Believe me, ingnorance is not necessarily bliss.

If you’re a novice to the organically farmed world, try a taste test.

Buy a fruit or vegetable that’s certified organic and buy the same fruit or vegetable that has been commercially grown.

Conduct a side by side taste test.

Why do they taste different?

What makes you want to eat organic?

See reasons 1-4 above.

What does it take to certify a food as organic?

There are many different certifications, but the one that’s valued the most is the Demeter Association.

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